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Picture of Nancy Nicewonger, Daycare Director at First Baptist Church of Kennett Square, PA 19348

Nancy Nicewonger brings a wealth of knowledge gained from experience and training in conflict resolution and peacemaking.

Nancy has worked with children, youth and adults for over 23 years. A variety of work and
volunteer experiences have introduced her to people from various backgrounds and in different settings and situations. She has a way of asking questions in a nonjudgmental manner that encourages people to talk and think about their approach to conflict and their experiences that affect that approach.

She sees mediation as an option when emotions have taken over a situation and the choice becomes walking away or getting help. Families, businesses and schools can use mediation to avoid an end to relationships.

More details on Nancy’s experiences in education, churches, business, and resolution, and her extensive experience with conflict resolution, are available at www.aplaceintheconversation.com.




What is your understanding of peace? With a clear expectation of what peace is, you can begin to work toward obtaining peace in your life.

Communicating clearly with others and resolving conflict are ways you can begin to achieve personal peace and live in unity with others. As you begin to live this way, you will model and share peace with others. Sharing this peace with our families, coworkers and community will allow peace to spread to those around us. Imagine the impact you would have if you lived in unity with others and were content with your own life.

Join us as we journey toward peace.


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