Peacemaking workshops

Morning and afternoon sessions offer a variety of topics

“Seeking Financial Peace” — Paul Maynor

Paul Maynor began his financial services practice in 1996 after his seven-year tenure as a U.S. Air Force C-130 pilot serving in three areas of conflict.  Paul is a multi-year qualifier for the Million Dollar Round Table, the premier association of Financial Service Professionals, with one prestigious Top of the Table award.  Paul is also a three-time winner of the Five Star Wealth Manager Award in Philadelphia Magazine for both 2014, 2015 & 2016.  He has also received several community service awards including the “Ambassador of the Year” for the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, and he served as the co-chairman of the “Drive Past a Cure” charity golf event to benefit breast cancer survivors.  He has also been the community chairman of the Freedom Trail for the Boy Scouts.  Paul has focused his talents on issues that pertain to retirees and pre-retirees.


“Raising Children to be Peacemakers” — Nancy Nicewonger

Children begin to respond to conflict at an early age. As boys and girls develop, adults often have
different expectations of how children will respond to conflict based on their gender. Being aware of this, we will take a look at how language can be used to raise all children as peacemakers when they are young and give them skills that will last a lifetime.


“First Baptist Church Peacemaking Plan” — FBC Elders

Over the past two years the Elder/Deacon board at First Baptist has been working on a peacemaking plan for our church community.  The elders will review how we seek to live and move as peacemakers within our community.


“Peacemaking in the Workplace” – Rev. Kevin Walden

Conflict wastes time and energy that can be better spent on creativity. Conflict slows us down, reduces productivity and wastes an organization’s efficiency and resources (money and people skills). Peacemakers can turn conflict into opportunity and strengthen relationships. Strong workplace relationships provide the opportunity for productivity, innovation and add value and meaning to people’s lives.

The Rev. Dr. Kevin A. Walden serves as regional pastor with Pastoral Leaders for the American Baptist Churches of PA and DE.


“CommUNITY Worship: Building Bridges to One Another By Praising God Together” — Dr. Christopher Wells

No human activity has been more successful in bringing diverse groups of people together and bridging cultural gaps than praising God.  Unfortunately, this activity also has a history of dividing people.  We will discuss both outcomes and how we can build communities around worship.

Dr. Christopher Wells has been leading worship for 20 years with a variety of different instruments and in a variety of different Christian traditions.  For the last few years he has been the Elder of Worship at First Baptist Church, tasked with both the nuts and bolts of God-honoring worship and the spiritual growth of the worshipers in that community.


“Gaining Peace from Effective Grieving ” — Matt Grieco

Matt has observed a mini evolution of his profession in just 20 years as a funeral director. Through remembrance and effective, personalized ceremonies comes healing and a place of peace after the loss of a loved one.  Planning for the inevitable can occur at the dinner table, with your minister, or your local funeral director.  While pre-planning is important, the act of planning a loved one’s funeral is also in and of itself a healing experience. Matt will offer his insights on all facets of end-of-life ceremonies and planning.

Matt Grieco is the owner/director/celebrant of Grieco Family Funeral Homes.


“Peacemaking in the Digital Age” – Pastor Dan Nicewonger

How do you find peace amidst our 24-hour news cycle?  Social media, the constant barrage of information and our ability to “always be within reach” can cause us to always feel tense.  We will explore ways to live that will increase our peace in the midst of chaos.


“Preparing a peacemaking plan for your church or organization” — Pastor Dan Nicewonger

Peacemaking -vs.- Conflict Resolution.  Conflict is a reality of life.  Navigating conflict well demands that we create a peacemaking plan BEFORE conflict arises.  We will talk about first steps in putting together a peacemaking plan for your community.

 Pastor Dan has been involved in church leadership or mission-related ministry for 28 years. While in North Carolina, he helped start Live Again Ministries, a service-focused ministry that has worked extensively with the people of Roatan, Honduras. He and his wife Nancy also created A Place In The Conversation, an organization “committed to working toward the restoration and transformation of individuals and communities so they may enjoy life to the full.” Dan has been pastor of First Baptist since June 2014.


“Family Dynamics of Peace” – Nancy Nicewonger

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but all have one thing in common- conflict. How can we resolve conflict and maintain peace as families grow, children develop and times of stress ebb and flow over the years? Communication, boundaries and healthy expectations will be discussed as we aim to help you focus on peace in your home and extended family community.



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